Here is a presentation of the dynamic development for MARSHAL Tires!

#1 Proven technological excellence

Continuous investment in research and development,
which allows technological durability
and product quality.

Marshal Tires continues to focus on growth
of the most advanced tires through its research centers,
located in Gwangju (Korea), Akron (USA), Birmingham (UK) and Tianjin (China).

This kind of commitment to technological excellence has led to a range of innovative products.

#2 Technology for the environment

Tires that take care of the environment

MARSHAL pursues "3 lows" for environmental care
- low fuel consumption, low noise level and low tire wear.
Along with the development of tires for greater fuel economy,
greater durability and longer life, the company has applied
a full cycle of environmental protection,
starting from production using environmentally friendly processes to waste disposal.

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